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Las Vegas Resource List




Chiropractic For Life, Dr. Shadia Koury, 702-567-5433



Restore Your Core, pre/postnatal core and pelvic floor classes,

Henna Shomer, 310-279-3315

Las Vegas Pilates + Yoga



Jacinta Wood, Licensed Massage Therapist, 702-415-9073

Natasha Ringlein, Licensed Massage Therapist, 702-659-3204

Ivy Adams, Licensed Massage Therapist, Prenatal and Infant Massage, 702-245-8406



Body Resonance, Myofascial Wellness Center, LMT, Rowena Cua,



Out Of Hospital Birth:

Motherhood Collective

Erica Delmore, DEM, 702-324-3206

Cassie Franco, CPM, 702-595-0666


Hospital OBs and CNMs:

Lisa Garten, CNM,

Dr. Steven Harter MD, (702) 255-3547

Dr. Timothy Sauter MD, 702-914-6900

Dr. Paul Wilkes,


Birth Tubs:

Jollina Simpson, 702-524-9705

Shanna Groppenbacher

La Bassine Birth Pools

Aqua Doula

Birth Pool In A Box


Postpartum Resources:

Vegas Family Doulas

Postpartum Doulas, Placenta Preparation

Motherhood Collective

Postpartum Doulas, Placenta Preparation

Maternal Minds Counseling, Specializing in Postpartum Mood Disorders, 702-456-4262

Alternatives For Women, Martha Drohobyzcer, MSN, APRN, CNM

Gynecology and Psychiatry for Women, 702-365-9929

Virginia Bobro, Birth Story Healing Circles,

Postpartum Support International

Las Vegas Placenta Lady,



Lauren Ordeneaux, CLC, MCD, CLD, 702-843-7707

Your Breastfeeding Guru, Tami Dukie, CLC, CLE, CLS, 702-517-4285

Advanced Breastfeeding Support of Las Vegas, 702-764-9290

Nevada WIC,, 702-220-9926


Tongue/Lip Ties:

Summerlin Pediatric Dentistry


Dr. Tara Erson

(702) 518-3368



Sarah Beth Chamberlain, Pregnancy, Birth, Newborn, and Family Photographer,



Support Groups:

Nellis AFB Hospital Support Group - Wednesdays 9-11am, in the FMR classroom

Nellis B.R.A.S. (online group with live meetings),

The Collective Village - Motherhood Collective Las Vegas, Wednesdays 10:30-12:30


Other Breastfeeding Resources:

Kelly Mom,

La Leche League website (I also like the UK version of the site),

BreastFeeding USA,


Database of medications and their compatibility with breastfeeding, provided by the National Institutes of Health. Very up-to-date, updated monthly.

MommyMeds app

Infant Risk Hotline at Texas Tech University

"Medication & Mothers Milk" book by Dr. Hale

Nancy Mohrbacher,

Dr. Jack Newman,

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